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What makes
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Unser B&B zeichnet sich durch eine herzliche, unkomplizierte und familiäre Gastfreundschaft aus, die Sie vom ersten Moment an spüren werden. Wir glauben, dass wahre Erholung in der Einfachheit liegt. Deshalb haben wir unser Haus so gestaltet, dass Sie sich vollkommen entspannen und den Alltag hinter sich lassen können, während Sie von der atemberaubenden Kulisse der Alpen umgeben sind. Mit unserem Self-Check-in und Check-out-System können Sie rund um die Uhr ankommen und abreisen, ganz nach Ihrem eigenen Zeitplan.

Feel the freedom

The location of our hotel is a true gift of nature. Situated directly at the source of the Inn, you have the rare opportunity to experience the untouched beauty and power of the Alpine landscape first hand. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, the surroundings of Maloja have something for everyone.

At Hotel Longhin, we see ourselves not just as your host, but as your gateway to an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of our unique location. We invite you to become part of our story and share the magic of Maloja with us.

Special place
for all your needs

A world of relaxation awaits you in our small spa area, carefully designed to offer you an unforgettable feel-good experience. Whether after a day out in nature or simply as a break from everyday life - here you will find the perfect combination of peace, relaxation and nature experience.

Sauna and steam bath: warmth that touches

Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of our sauna and leave everyday life behind you. The gentle sweating in a traditional atmosphere invites you to relax deeply and promotes physical well-being. Our steam bath complements the experience with its moist heat, which opens the airways and cares for the skin. This combination of warmth and moisture is a real gift for body and soul.

Rain shower: pure refreshment

After a sauna session or simply in between, our rain shower offers an invigorating cool-down. The feeling of gentle, cool rain on the skin is not only refreshing, but also stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the body.

Relaxation room: silence that connects

In our relaxation room, you will find the perfect place to enjoy the silence and rediscover your inner balance. Surrounded by soft lighting and with a view of the peaceful landscape, this room is an ideal retreat for moments of reflection and meditation.

Access to the Longhin rock: a special kind of nature experience

A highlight of our spa area is the direct access to the Longhin rock. This unique natural landscape offers a spectacular backdrop for relaxation and recuperation. The power and beauty of nature is close enough to touch and invites you to ground yourself and recharge your batteries.

Rooms &

Indulgence & Food

In our restaurant at Hotel Longhin, we celebrate the art of Italian cuisine with a fresh twist. Experience the real Napoletan pizza, masterfully baked in our modern electric oven - a true slice of Italy, even without a traditional wood-fired oven. Discover the pleasure of cooking selected dishes yourself on the hot stone, an inviting interaction that perfects the taste. Our homemade pasta, freshly prepared every day, takes you into the heart of the Italian cooking tradition. And for a sweet finish, our patisserie offers homemade delicacies that are the perfect end to any meal. In short, our restaurant offers a culinary experience that combines tradition with innovation and makes every visit an unforgettable pleasure.

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